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Finally The Secret To Getting A Flat Stomach, Toned Hips And Legs And All Day Long Energy Without Spending Hours In The Gym Or Starving Yourself With Fad Diets!

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Are you sick and tired of struggling with the following…..

  • * Flabby tummy and bulging thighs
  • * Trouble spots that just will not disappear
  • * Your clothes not fitting the way they used to
  • * Lack of results from the gym
  • * Having a gym membership and not going
  • * Bored of exercise!!
  • * Diets that promise the world and make life miserable
  • * Can’t afford a Personal Trainer

Well thanks to Fitter Body Ladies,you no longer have to worry about any of that again!

  • We have designed a fun and exciting fitness programme that burns over 500 calories per session.
  • We guarantee you get the results you’re looking for or you don’t pay us a penny.
  • Nutritional guidance so that you know which foods will compliment the exercise that you do to maximise the results you are looking for.
  • We basically offer Personal Training in a small group environment so that you only pay a fraction of what you would for a one on one session.
  • By making the most of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) your metabolism keeps burning fat for 24 hours after your session has finished (see graph below)


Dramatic changes to your body within 30 days – Guaranteed! Or your money back!…..

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Anne-Ki Lost 64lbs In Just 6 Months:
Aleks March 2015
Aleks Has Now Lost Over 60lbs!

Check Out Helen’s Journey So Far



Sonia, aged 29 from Upton in Northampton has lost 1 stone and 4lbs in 5 weeks!


Vicki Lost 26lbs In Her First 7 Weeks!




Maria, aged 40 from Northampton lost 22lbs and 25 inches!





This website does not provide medical advice.

Results May Vary: Causes for being overweight or obese vary from person to person. Whether genetic or environmental, it should be noted that food intake, rates of metabolism and levels of exercise and physical exertion vary from person to person. This means weight loss results will also vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.

Ever Been Bored Of The Same Old Thing At The Gym?


Most of us have, which is why we make every single session different! If you’re kept guessing then you’re body is kept guessing which helps to keep you progressing and interested.

Don’t just take our word for it though. These comments are straight from our Facebook page:

“Amazing place and I must have tried most of the gyms in the country! No sessions are ever the same, 45 minutes flies by and you almost forget how hard you’re working as the ladies are so much fun. Totally recommend it, you have to try it! Gyms are outdated and boring!” Chrissie, July

“Got to a great fitness level within a few months and can now see weight steadily coming off and getting definition I never thought I could. Most importantly, love the friendly crowd and the fact that the trainers change it up every day so it is ALWAYS different :-)” Amanda, June

“What an experience, no two workouts are the same, incredible results, feel amazing already,thank you Fitter Body Boot Camp”, Orlaigh, June

Is Female Fat Loss Different To Men?

……….In short, yes.

First of all broadly speaking women have much less muscle than men. Conversely this means that they naturally carry more fat. Much of this is due to the significant difference of the growth hormone testosterone (Men have much more than women). So women have to work a lot harder to lose fat. But the benefit of less testosterone is that it is highly unlikely that women will ever ‘bulk up’ as a result of using weights to exercise.

Women tend to have elevated estrogen levels (major hormone that is produced by ovaries, liver and adrenal glands). The result of this is an increase of body fat in the bum, thighs and hip region. This is the major reason why so many women have fat problems in these specific areas.

Our programme is designed specifically for women. The exercises and nutritional guidance tackles the main problem areas and helps to bring estrogen levels back to normal.


Here’s what’s included:


  • Before and after body fat measurements
  • Complete nutrition plan to maximise fat loss (promise no calorie counting and you will not be hungry)
  • Personal coaching, mentoring and motivation in order to achieve the results you want
  • Full money back guarantee if not completely satisfied after 30 days
  • Great fun leaving you with more energy and vitality

This programme is so unique that within 30 days you can expect the following:

Personal Trainers in Northampton

  • Fat burn over 500 calories per workout
  • Firmer arms, legs, thighs and bums
  • Increased strength, energy and stamina
  • Faster metabolism to burn more fat at rest
  • Tighter, flatter abs – meaning smaller waist
  • 9-17 pounds of weight loss
  • 2-6% drop in body fat
  • Increased muscle tone and flexibility
  • Greater confidence and self-esteem
  • Decreased stress, tension and anxiety
  • Reduced cravings for fat, sugar and junk
  • Sleep better and increased productivity
  • Lose the uncomfortable ‘bloated’ feeling
  • Look and feel better in your favourite clothes (you might even need to buy some new ones)

Being able to offer all of the above with a cast iron guarantee makes us Northampton’s Number 1 Indoor Fitness Programme.

Personal Trainers in Northampton

……but If I were you at this point I would probably have just a few questions that I would need answering before going any further.


Please find below a list of some of the most common ones we get asked:

What is Fitter Body Ladies?
6 week body transformation and monthly membership programmes includes all of the benefits of one on one personal training such as personalised monitoring of body fat%, body mass index, and weight as well as personal motivation, accountability and nutritional plans. This is all designed to get you into the best shape of your life in the shortest and safest possible timescales – regardless of your current fitness level.
What if I’m not already physically fit?
No problem! All programmes are designed to cater all fitness levels with different adaptations offered for each exercise.
How old do I need to be?
Minimum age is 30. There is no real maximum age, but many of the activities would not normally be recommended to over 60’s.
What if I’m too busy and don’t have the time?
Great question as it’s one that I used to say to myself. That was until I made a firm commitment to change the way I looked and stopped procrastinating. Then I found the time!
What do I need to bring?
Water bottle and a desire to push yourself. We will provide the equipment, the motivation and the accountability.
As there are some weights involved will I bulk up?
This is a common question: Due to the natural difference in testosterone (growth hormone) levels between men and women, it is practically impossible for women to bulk up. Instead they will get a more defined and toned look. This Boot Camp is designed specifically for women.

What can I expect to achieve?
You will drop inches and pounds while becoming much more physically fit and toned. Typically expect to lose between 2 and 6 percent body fat in the first 6 weeks.
How is Fitter Body Ladies different to joining my local gym?
There will be no intimidation, waiting for machines or lack of motivation. Every session is varied and fun. But more importantly than this, we are the only fitness and weight loss programme in Northampton that offers guaranteed results or your money back!
How often can I attend?
The sessions run 7 days per week, and you are free to come to all 6 if you wish. You can expect amazing results by coming 3 days a week.
Can I pay per session rather than opt for a monthly membership?
No. One key motivator to ensure that you keep coming is knowing that you are paying for it regardless. We have worked really hard to build up a great reputation for helping women achieve amazing results. Our success rate is really high and one of the reasons for this is a commitment to training. If you can’t commit to coming at least twice per week then you’re better off joining something like Zumba.
What does a typical workout session consist of?
Varied. It has been proven that one of the reasons people do not achieve their fitness goals is boredom. This is a key distinction with us is that we vary each session and make it fun, but to give you an idea of the equipment we use – light weights, skipping ropes, sandbags, kettlebells, and these are incorporated with exercises such as light running, obstacle courses, and various body weight exercises.
Does the camp ever end?
No. It is an ongoing programme. But of course you are free to stop whenever you wish.

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If you still haven’t made up your mind as to whether this is right for you then check out the risk free GUARANTEE  that we are offering!


Risk Free ‘Results In 30 Days Or Your Money Back’ Guarantee

I am so confident that you will start seeing significant changes to your body within 30 days and have loads of fun in the process that I am offering you a full 30 days to try out The Fitter Body Boot Camp 6 week Body Transformation or monthly membership programmes.

Just join today and try us out. If for whatever reason, over the next 30 days you do not feel that it is the right sort of programme for you then just let me know and I will arrange for a full refund of the money you have paid. No hard feelings.

30 days from now you could be looking at yourself in the mirror really proud of the results you are achieving, the action you have taken and the hard work you have put in……

…..or everything will be exactly the same as it is right now.

I’ve done my best to remove any risk, now it’s down to you.


Kristian Lindsay

Northampton Fitness Expert
Fitter Body Ladies
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