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Large & Few or Little & Often?

June 26th, 2015 (No Comments)

I am sure you have been told about trying to eat little and often versus fewer, big meals in order to help lose weight. Something the lines of ‘eat five to six small meals per day’. This style of eating, commonly referred to as the frequent feeding model, is popular with everyone from dietitians to bodybuilders and […]

Does Lifting Heavy Make You Bulky? The Truth Behind The Myth

June 22nd, 2015 (No Comments)

A common question I often get asked is “Will lifting these heavy weights make me big and bulky?”. It is an understandable question to be asked by women, due to the pictures they see in magazines and in their mind of these huge bulking men who have been lifting years. But in this article I […]

How To Solve The Biggest Health & Fitness Problem Women Face

June 13th, 2015 (No Comments)

Problem : You have a difficult time staying consistent with your diet, exercise, or healthy lifestyle habits.   This is the biggest most women today face when it comes to maintaining good health and fitness. Statistically, around 65% of women (and likely a lot more) struggle with staying consistent. We’ve all had a go at losing weight […]

The Forgotten Side Of Successful Fat Loss

June 5th, 2015 (No Comments)

“I forgot to set my alarm”. “I overslept my alarm”. All these are unfortunately all too common responses to my question of why clients have missed sessions. There is a lot of emphasis and responsibility on the alarm here, but I often wonder to myself, would you have overslept your alarm if you had to […]

Gyms Are A Bit Grey

June 4th, 2015 (No Comments)

Gyms are grey. The treadmills are grey, the weights machines are grey, even the kettlebells are grey. The treadmills are not pink.  They could be. They are not even blue for the boys.  The lines of grey gym machines, like the lines of traffic you sat in to get there, and the rows of desks you left work to get away from.  Straight lines and neutral colours. A ‘leave-your-personality-at-the-door’ clinical, branded uniformity.  The instructor who took your induction had just pulled a few ‘usuals’ out of his exercise library to write on your record card.  Your ‘personalised’ gym routine may be overcomplicated and include whatever equipment was unoccupied on that day.  The instructor will have forgotten your name by the time they finished their lunch and you will remain a nameless  face among a few thousand other members of the gym.  Sound familiar? And the mirrors. Who are the mirrors even for? The girl in the changing rooms who said she was wearing a bra top to  workout so that looking at her stomach would make her work harder?  Are they for those guys who keep checking to see if they have sprouted their first chest hair yet?  The endless mirrors that could be useful to check your technique when using the free weights, but no one ever tells you that.  And the adverts for the latest energy drink (actually full of sugar) and that cereal that turns you into the  perfect woman (also high in sugar).  Or the pink protein drink marketed at you from massive posters to be particularly patronising and ensure  you do not ‘undo all your hard work’. Even if you are confident enough to use the free weights by yourself, the barbell collar clips  (the things that hold the weights in place on the bar)  ……are hung too high to reach that you have to ask a guy to get them down, right?  The big weights are meant for the big men, right?  (Just wait for the day when you can go in there and squat with heavier weights than those guys.) And wait, did that guy just try to make eye contact with you?  Did he just get on the treadmill right next to you, in a row of empty treadmills? Urrgh! You get the idea. Fitter Body Bootcamp is different. So different. We know each and every one of our ladies by name. Our trainers know what your goals are and why you are here.  It is our personal wish to see you achieve your potential.  Our ladies tell us where they are going on holiday, how their kids are doing at school, and if they slipped off the wagon this week!  This allows us to really engage with our members and support them on their fitness journey.  We know when it is time to push you up a level and when you need encouragement through your least-favourite exercise  (usually, burpees!)  This has created an environment at Fitter Body Bootcamp that is non-judgemental, light-hearted  (sometimes hilarious),  …proactive, confidence-building and empowering for our members. Chloe x