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Release Your Animal Instinct!

May 27th, 2016 (No Comments)

I was driving along the lane to Bootcamp this morning and to my delight (it was early) I saw an ‘animal fest’, a fox, a deer, lots of rabbits, a sparrow hawk and 2 suicidal ducks! But it did get me thinking – When do you ever see a fat fox? Foxes only eat when […]

10 Complete Proteins – Not Just For Vegetarians!

May 18th, 2016 (No Comments)

I was talking with one of our lovely ladies last week and she mentioned she was a vegetarian and going vegan. I quickly realised I couldn’t offer too much nutritional advice needed to do some research on the subject, and what I found was both really interesting and could definitely be applied to all our […]

Simple Food Swaps to Help You Save 15,000 Calories this Month

May 12th, 2016 (No Comments)

  A lot of you now know that there are 3,500 calories in one pound. To lose that pound, we therefore have to find a way to burn that many calories just to see the scale drop. Sounds like a lot of work. However, it is actually very easy, and definitely possible to cut loads […]

How To Spot A Fad Diet That Will Never Last

May 10th, 2016 (No Comments)

Fad diets. There are so many around that it is unbelievable. But the crazy thing is I am sure most if us have tried the majority of them or at least know someone who has. Lots of fancy marketing ads, amazing testimonials, transformations and promises about how this is the best diet under the sun. […]

My Experiences of A Commercial Gym

May 5th, 2016 (No Comments)

Now I have been a member of a commercial gym for a while now, and you may wonder why if I work at a fitness facility. Well, the reason why I became a member of this commercial gym was because I knew that in regards to the equipment I wanted to use in my workouts, […]

How To Control Your Diet in Difficult Situations

May 2nd, 2016 (No Comments)

Those of us who are in to health and fitness whether it be through work as personal trainer or fitness instructor, or through just enjoyment and interest, we find it fairly easy to stay on top of our nutrition. We have built up healthy habits that we know help us stay fit, healthy, strong and […]

The Best Year Of My Life

May 1st, 2016 (No Comments)

  CHECK OUT THE INSPIRATIONAL POST BELOW WRITTEN BY OUR LATEST TRAINER AT FITTER BODY BOOTCAMP, JULIE FAREY. I started my FitterBodyBootcamp journey on 6 April 2015. Throughout my 20’s I could eat & drink anything I wanted and I never changed weight or size  and was a ‘happy’ size 10.  In my 30’s things made a difference to my weight, several  years of fertility treatment and IVF (lots of drugs), I started to put on weight.   Hitting 13st was my lowest point in 2010 when I was diagnosed with an underactive  thyroid (my new excuse) and whilst I lost a stone initially after starting on medication,  I never went back to my 9 ½ stone size 10 ‘happy’ place. My turning point was coming back from my holiday in Gran Canaria at the end of March  and promptly deleting every photo I was in.  I hated the way I looked – a size 14/16, bloated, fat faced. I remember my first session very clearly, thinking god help me what have I done.   I couldn’t do a burpee, a press up or a sit-up and actually thought I was going to throw up, I was still shaking 3 hours later.   I weighed in on that first session just under 12st and body fat at 45.1% – ouch! I did take the time to read through the Transformation Success Manual and my first self-assessment on nutrition,  training and lifestyle were all NO!   I made my decision that day, only I could change me.  I went shopping. If I can some advice to anyone starting out, it’s – Be honest with yourself, I needed to change  all 3 elements if I was going to succeed.  I wanted to be a size 10 again and I wanted  to be fitter and I knew at the grand old age of 43, it was not going to be easy. I thought I ate quite healthily but realised quickly that cereal for breakfast, sandwiches  for lunch and every dinner contained potatoes or pasta was not as great as I thought.   I never turned down a biscuit, sweets or chocolate and drank far too much pop and alcohol. I made the best start by doing 10 days completely without any carbs and this kicked started my  weight loss so I saw instant results week on week at the beginning.  During my first  12 weeks I stuck to the 3 classes per week and by the end I was sleeping like a baby, was sooo much  happier and far less stressed in general. I stopped aching for 2 days after each class and knew it was time to  up my game and increased to 5 classes every week, EVERY WEEK. By the time I went on my holiday in August, I was 10st 2lb and 34.1% body fat.   And of course I had to have a whole new holiday wardrobe, gone were the full length  tent dresses and baggy t-shirts to cover me up! I re-did the self-assessment today from the Transformation Success Manual and I can honestly answer  YES to healthy eating, YES to training regularly and YES to a healthy lifestyle. At the end of my first full year, just 12 months, I’m now a very happy size 8/10, 9st 4lb and 32% body fat.   I am #fitterfasterstronger and love my life.  I can now do 25 press-ups on  my toes (still hate burpees though) but we can’t have it all J. My decision to join the FitterBodyBootcamp team was probably the easiest decision I have ever made,  I am still inspired everyday by amazing ladies, encouraged and challenged and I truly hope I can do the same  Julie