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Kitchen Rules I Live By!

November 30th, 2016 (No Comments)

I was talking with a few of our Ladies this morning after the session and the conversation was around ‘losing it and keeping it off’ – weight that is. I’ve been on the weight loss journey, 3 stone in 12 months and have now maintained this for 8 months, whilst still working to continue reducing […]

Rev Your Metabolism!

November 25th, 2016 (No Comments)

Hi You probably don’t need scientists to tell you that your metabolism slows with age. But they’re studying it anyway and coming up with exciting research to help rev it up again. The average woman gains 1½ pounds a year during her adult life, enough to pack on 40-plus pounds by her 50s, if she […]

It Does Exactly What It Says On The Tin! – Not Always

November 15th, 2016 (No Comments)

“It does exactly what it says on the tin” colloquially means that the name of something is an accurate description of its qualities. It originated in a series of television advertisements by the woodstain and wood-dye manufacturer Ronseal, initiated in 1994 and still being broadcast today. The slogan was created by Liz Whiston and Dave […]

The Mood Boosting Benefits of Exercise!

November 9th, 2016 (No Comments)

Its 5.45am on a cold wet Monday morning. I see Ladies walking into sessions looking tired and sometimes down about things that have happened either at home or at work, but I know that when each and every one of them leaves an hour later, I get a pink, sweaty, smiley face saying thanks and […]