Looking for Amazing Inspiration – Say Hello to Louise

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Her journey with us at Fitterbody Ladies Bootcamp started just a few short months ago in April. She joined to get fitter and feel better about herself.

Louise has been amazingly consistent with her sessions, even working through a back injury and taking a holiday, she has maintained a steady improvement week on week.

She has also work extremely hard in the kitchen which has paid dividends for her weight loss and has achieved a fabulous 43.3lb now gone, not lost, gone – forever!

Whilst Louise says she has certainly not finished, she is more than happy to share her journey so far and I’m sure you will agree she deserves a massive well done 😊

If you have a journey of your own and think we can help you make it, drop me an email.

Julie x

Strong Is The New Skinny!

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Being part of Fitterbody Ladies is about community, fitness and striving to be the best version of yourself.

I’m truly grateful to be a part of something so special that it attracts incredible women from Northampton who want to push themselves to make changes to their health and fitness.

Our amazing team is one of a kind Kristian, Julie, Chloe, Tina & Stuart are all here to push you (in our Ladies only sessions) that little bit further to increase your strength, confidence, speed & endurance.

Whilst you are a Fitterbody Lady you will learn how to perform;

  • box-jumps
  • prowler push
  • slamballs
  • farmers-walks
  • press ups; and
  • bear crawls to name a few…,


We will help to improve your nutrition and most importantly have fun and meet other fantastic ladies.

And I guess through your journey lose some weight and a little fat too!

So make today count – pull on those trainers, tie up that hair and get yourself along 😊

Alex x

P.s. send us an email to & Julie can arrange a couple of free taster sessions for you 😊  –



Our Success Stories – 60 Second Interview With Rachael Newton

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Hi Rachael

Firstly a huge congratulations on your fantastic success at Fitterbody Ladies.  You have done amazingly well with lots of hard work both in the sessions and in the kitchen – you should be very proud.

Tell me something about yourself that our Ladies won’t know:

I have 2 little girls aged 1 and 3 and I’ve recently trained in eyelash extensions.

You are looking amazing, tell us about your goals and achievements so far:

Thank you! Since October I have lost 3 stone and 2 dress sizes, going from a 16 to a 12. My fitness has improved so much and I’m much happier.

Rachael then

What is it that you enjoy most about Bootcamp?

I love that everybody supports each other.

Everyone is so encouraging and friendly.

I was so nervous the first time I came to Fitterbody but all the lovely ladies put me at ease straight away.

Each session is different so I am always working different muscles (some I didn’t even know I had!).   It goes so quickly too so I never get bored.

I’m not a big fan of classes that involve lots of coordination and prancing around, so Bootcamp is perfect as it’s simple effective movements with no frilly bits 😂

Rachael now!

How much better do you feel about yourself?

I feel 100% better about myself, for me being overweight made me feel down and unhappy. Now I’m more carefree and have so much more energy, which is great for my family too. I’m really looking forward to my holiday in 3 weeks and buying clothes for it that I actually like and not clothes that just hide my body.

What’s next for you?

One of my biggest challenges is to maintain my weight once I’ve lost it. I’d still like to lose another half a stone or so. My goal is to keep eating healthy and coming to Bootcamp regularly, it’s too easy to get to your goal then relax and become complacent.

If you could make one recommendation to someone considering joining Fitterbody Ladies, what would that be?

I’d say don’t spend time thinking about joining, I saw advert and booked it an hour later, I then turned up 2 days later for my first session and have never looked back. Don’t give your mind a chance to talk you out of it, I know mine would have! I’m so glad I did it now 😊

A fabulous well done Rachael, you are looking beautiful, you have done amazing so far and you are a total pleasure to have at Bootcamp as you always give 100% in sessions and leave every time with a massive smile  😊

Julie x


50 Reasons To Exercise

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I will admit, I have ‘borrowed’ this list, one of our ladies shared it in our private Facebook Group and as I sat there reading it, nodding and saying yes, I remembered how differently I felt three years ago before I changed my life!

  1. Lifts your mood
  2. Improved learning abilities
  3. Builds self-esteem
  4. Keeps your brain fit
  5. Keeps your body fit & able
  6. Boosts your mental health
  7. Boosts your immune system
  8. Reduces stress
  9. Make you feel happier
  10. Has anti ageing effects
  11. Improves skin tone & colour
  12. Improved sleeping patterns
  13. Helps prevent strokes
  14. Improves joint function
  15. Improves muscle strength
  16. Alleviates anxiety
  17. Sharpens memory
  18. Help to control additions
  19. Boosts productivity
  20. Boosts creative thinking
  21. Improves body image
  22. Gives you confidence
  23. Helps keep you focused in life
  24. Improves eating habits
  25. Increases longevity
  26. Strengthens your bones
  27. Strengthens your heart
  28. Improves posture
  29. Prevents colds
  30. Improves appetite
  31. Improves cholesterol levels
  32. Lowers risks of certain cancers
  33. Lowers high blood pressure
  34. Lowers risk of diabetes
  35. Fights dementia
  36. Eases back pain
  37. Decreases osteoporosis risk
  38. Reduces feelings of depression
  39. Prevents muscle loss
  40. Increases energy and endurance
  41. Increases sports performance
  42. Increases pain resistance
  43. Improves balance & coordination
  44. Improves oxygen supplies to cells
  45. Improves concentration
  46. Helps with self control
  47. Lessens fatigue
  48. Increases sex drive & satisfaction
  49. Makes life more exiting
  50. Improves quality of life

Whether you want to improve just one of the above or all 50, the positives of exercise certainly outweigh any negatives 50-1.

I’ve never felt so amazing, so happy, so contented with life.

I love being fitter, faster, stronger now in my late forties than I was in my twenties.

I’ve never regretted a workout – only the one I didn’t occasionally do.

I’m not food deprived or hungry, I just eat more healthily.

I don’t miss a family party or night out with friends, I balance it out.

Have a fabulous day 🙂

Julie x

Just Loving Life – 36.7lbs and Counting 😊

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Lisa’s Story So Far …

I joined the 6 week transformation programme in January 16

Feeling rubbish about myself having had 2 babies within 2 years… 😫

I felt fat and unfit… 😫

I did 2 further 6 week programmes between March and August 2016 😜

Then joined as a twice a week member for the next 6 months… 😘

In Feb 2017 I joined on a full membership…. 💙

I steered clear of the Thursday cardio class as felt I wouldn’t be able to manage the sessions …  😂

Now I go most Thursdays! ❤️

Although my weight has fluctuated I’ve now lost a total of 36.7 lbs… 😊


I feel leaner, more confident, fitter and stronger and I’ve made some fab friends…  👏

I bloody love Fitterbody Ladies Bootcamp!!  💕

Lisa x


Happy For Her Holidays 😊

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We do have an array of posts every day from quite a few of our vocal members, and yes some of these may come across as fitness fanatics. Most see this as positive and motivational, but sharing the below makes me happy and I can honestly say, hand on heart, wherever you are in your fitness journey, whatever your age, whatever your size, we have the most amazing group of supportive and likeminded ladies who can make you feel this amazing 😊

Last Boot Camp session tomorrow before my Hols 😩♥️😫
Happy to say my Goal has been achieved Yayyyyy 🎉🎉
I’ve gone from a Size 22 down to a Size 18 💪🏾
I still can’t see the weight loss even though everyone else can 💪🏾 NEVER BEEN HAPPIER
Bikini body for my Dominican Hols and a healthier body 👙
Thanks to everyone that I’ve met on my journey loved every bit of it!! ❤️❤️
Be back in 2 Weeks ❤️❤️

I love my job 😊

Have an amazing day 😊

Julie x

We Should All Love Ourselves More!

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After the horrible events over the weekend and watching the Manchester concert last night, it made me think about how I feel a lot.

Us Ladies are so hard on ourselves.

I don’t know why, but we have…

Unrealistic expectations…

We compare ourselves to unrealistic images…

We have a want to be that ‘perfect 10’, or a certain weight…

Watching the story unfold on Friday night into Saturday morning made me sit and really think about how lucky I am, how grateful I am…

How different things could be…

If I lived somewhere else…

If I had been in the wrong place at the wrong time…

But what it did make me do was to remember the love I have for all my friends and family…

And most importantly my love for my life and me.

I may not be perfect in anyone’s eyes, but I have learned to love me, my body and the amazing things it can do.

You need to remember, especially if you are a mum, or a nan, or an aunt, or a godmother…

You are amazing 🙂

Your body has done amazing things 🙂

And you should love yourself.

And you should only challenge yourself to be better today than you were yesterday, or last week, or month, or year.

Not compare yourself to anyone else.

Have a lovely day 🙂

Julie x

Sharing Our Ladies Success – 60 Second Interview With Charlee

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Hi Charlee                                                                                                                                                Charlee Before

Firstly, well done on your achievements so far at Fitterbody Bootcamp. A fantastic start to the new fitter you – you should be really proud of yourself.  I personally have loved watching you grow with confidence week on week and you getting fitter, faster and stronger. And last but no means least, your body shape changing dramatically!

Tell me something about yourself that our Ladies won’t know:

I have 3 children 12, 5 & 1.

I didn’t actually join fitter bodies to lose weight (although I needed to).

I have had a really rubbish year and was struggling to cope with the stress I was under.  My Doctor offered me some tablets for anxiety & stress.

It was my mum who suggested I should try exercise as a way to help me deal with things.

And in doing so, it’s completely changed my outlook – both mentally and physically.

You are looking amazing, tell us about your goals and achievements so far:

I have dropped from squeezing into 18-20 size clothes to a comfortable 12- 14 in bottoms and a 10-12 on top. Buying my first size 10 top this week felt amazing – I don’t even think I was a size 10 at school!!

What is it that you enjoy most about bootcamp?

I love the variation – I have never done two days the same.

I love being pushed to lift heavier and do things I didn’t ever think I could do.

And the ladies – I have met some really lovely people who have helped along the way.

How much better do you feel about yourself?                                                                                  Charlee Now

There’s no words to describe how good it feels to not feel like the frumpy fat friend anymore.

I feel more confident and happy in myself which then works its way in to all aspects of my life.

I have a lot more get up and go as well and have even had the family out on walks, bike rides and even running.

What’s next for you?

I really want to be able to run.

When I joined end of January I couldn’t even run for one minute on a treadmill without feeling sick.

I’ve now got up to 45 mins without stopping.

I want to crack 10k..

and then a half marathon…

and then a marathon.

The resistance training and cardio have really helped improve my muscle tone and stamina so fingers crossed I can get there!

If you could make one recommendation to someone considering joining Fitterbody Ladies, what would that be?

Do it – but take measurements and record your body fat.

My first 3 weeks the scales didn’t reflect my hard work and I was gutted.

Usually this is the point I give up a diet or exercise routine.

But by seeing my measurements come down and I lost 2.5% body fat…. that kept me going and got me to where I am now!

The scales aren’t the be all and end all!

Charlee is a beautiful lady inside & out, who I know will continue to grow in her fitness journey 😊

Julie x

Look In The Mirror!

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We have some amazing results and week in week out I see the smiles growing as the weight drops off.

But are you smiling?


• Look in the mirror and ask yourself why?
• Are you being honest about your nutrition?
• Are you exercising?
• Are you doing something else when life gets in the way and you can’t make a class or session?
• Are you putting in 100% effort?

I know how hard the journey is and understand what you are going through. It was a 14 month journey for me but all the hard work has been made worthwhile as I have achieved my goals 🙂

If you need some help to get on track and start reaching some of your goals, please email me and we can get you booked in for a free trial session.

I would love 100’s of responses to this post.

I would love to see some of you at Bootcamp.

I would love to be able to post some more amazing success stories about you!

Make me happy 🙂

Julie x

Shut Up And Take Some Responsibility!

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As I stood there on the sad step, which I do very rarely, I knew that my nutrition has not been in line with my goals.

Now at this point it’s very easy for me to tell myself, moaning, that:

All the hard I do training wise is not working;

Or that I am eating well 80% of the time;

So what’s the problem?

But I need to take a reality check!

Stop my Moaning

And be honest with myself

And take some responsibility.

It is only me (or you) who can make any changes!

It is only me (or you) who can face the reality of what is happening.

Be honest with yourself

Because it’s only you that your cheating.

Have a fabulous day 🙂

Julie x

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