Losing the Work Load

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I know it can be challenging to find the time to exercise, especially when you spend most days in the work office.  The good thing is, you’re not alone! We can all struggle to schedule in an exercise routine, but it doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

I always work out early morning, before work as I find excuses to not go after a busy day in the office.  But if you can’t get to a session for some reason, there are plenty of ways to incorporate small activities into your work day, which not only increase your fitness, but help to break the boring routine in the office.

To make sure you are working those muscles and getting your heart pumping, try the following:

Walk to work

If you live close enough, ditch the car or bus and walk or ride your bike to work! If you live further than walking distance, park further away, or get off at the earlier stop and walk the rest of the way. You will feel energized from the fresh air, getting that extra oxygen pumping through your organs and muscles, stimulating that brain of yours!

Eat your lunch out

Whether you packed your own lunch, or you need to go buy it somewhere, eating out of the office is a nice way to refresh and recharge. Walking to your lunch destination will burn those extra calories and give you a change of scenery. Try walking to a nearby park or somewhere outdoors for some fresh air and sun.

Take the stairs instead

Wherever possible, take the stairs instead of the lift. With every step, imagine your legs and butt getting stronger and more defined! You will burn way more calories climbing those steps than standing still. And will add to your daily cardio too.

Be social

A colleague down the hall needs a document? Take it to them! Need to pass on a message to your boss? Walk to their office and give it to them personally. This extra walking will not only add to your cardio, but allows you to rest your eyes from the computer screen, get off that chair, and socialise!

Sit with a straight back

Sitting up, rather than slouching or leaning on the back rest, is a great way to engage your core, and strengthen your posture. You could swap your office chair for an exercise ball to help you remember to sit up straight.

Stand up!

Standing keeps your blood circulating throughout your whole body, and engages more muscles than when you are sitting. When you stand, you burn around 50 more calories per hour than when you sit. This adds up over the working week – if you stood for around 2 hours a day, 5 days a week, you will be burning an extra 500 calories!

So try standing up to take a phone call, or have your tea breaks standing rather than sitting in the tea room. If your train or bus has limited seats, no worries! You have been sitting at your desk long enough, so why not enjoy the ride standing, and tighten those muscles to stay upright as you fight the bumps along the way!

Have a fabulous day 🙂

Julie x

The Truth about Recovery is that you Never Really Recover!

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Did you know that you don’t actually “get fitter” when exercising? In fact, what you are actually doing is elevating your heart rate and breaking down muscle tissue.

The “fit” part comes in after, when you are resting. This is when your body gets to work on repairing tissue damage and strengthening your muscles. Your body then gets a little bit stronger and fitter than it was before and then you go and do it all again.

The problem with this is that we do not fully recover between these workouts. Some of the fatigue stays with us and accumulates during training. After weeks and weeks of pounding your body, you may find it harder to get fitter because you are experiencing exhaustion.

This is why it is important to take a whole week off once in a while (every 10-12 weeks) in order for your body to fully recover and make better and faster progress after. This allows your nervous system to recover and your body to heal any minor strains or tears you may have.

Worried your fitness levels might decline? Don’t be. It takes around one month of total inactivity for your body to start breaking down muscle tissue. Instead, you will come back refreshed, motivated and stronger than ever.

Worried you will gain fat? If you continue to eat clean, you will not gain any fat. You could maybe even add in an extra cheat meal to really give your metabolism a change.

Give yourself a break and enjoy other activities life has to offer. Your mind and body will thank you for it.

Julie x

This is the Best Excuse to Ask your Partner for a Massage

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Think about the first thing you do after stubbing your toe or hitting your funny bone (aside from shouting out the most obscene words you can think of).

Instinctively you place your hand over the injured toe, right?

Similarly, what is the first thing you do when you get a muscle cramp?

You place your hands on the muscle and rub. These natural instincts of healing pain through human touch is the core of massage therapy.

Regular massage therapy is more than a luxury. You should see it as part of your dedication to living healthily.

Infact, regular massage therapy has been proven to improve range of motion, reduce recovery time and increase muscle tone and flexibility.

A massage can also increases circulation; eliminating toxins and other waste.

Having regular massages will ensure that your body works at its optimal level.

This is important for us ladies at bootcamp to enhance performance, maximise gains and reduce your risk for injury.

What better excuse to get your partner to give you a nice, relaxing massage? After all, it’s for your health!

Strong Is The New Skinny!

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Being part of Fitterbody Ladies is about community, fitness and striving to be the best version of yourself.

I’m truly grateful to be a part of something so special that it attracts incredible women from Northampton who want to push themselves to make changes to their health and fitness.

Our amazing team is one of a kind Kristian, Julie, Chloe, Tina & Stuart are all here to push you (in our Ladies only sessions) that little bit further to increase your strength, confidence, speed & endurance.

Whilst you are a Fitterbody Lady you will learn how to perform;

  • box-jumps
  • prowler push
  • slamballs
  • farmers-walks
  • press ups; and
  • bear crawls to name a few…,


We will help to improve your nutrition and most importantly have fun and meet other fantastic ladies.

And I guess through your journey lose some weight and a little fat too!

So make today count – pull on those trainers, tie up that hair and get yourself along 😊

Alex x

P.s. send us an email to & Julie can arrange a couple of free taster sessions for you 😊  –



50 Reasons To Exercise

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I will admit, I have ‘borrowed’ this list, one of our ladies shared it in our private Facebook Group and as I sat there reading it, nodding and saying yes, I remembered how differently I felt three years ago before I changed my life!

  1. Lifts your mood
  2. Improved learning abilities
  3. Builds self-esteem
  4. Keeps your brain fit
  5. Keeps your body fit & able
  6. Boosts your mental health
  7. Boosts your immune system
  8. Reduces stress
  9. Make you feel happier
  10. Has anti ageing effects
  11. Improves skin tone & colour
  12. Improved sleeping patterns
  13. Helps prevent strokes
  14. Improves joint function
  15. Improves muscle strength
  16. Alleviates anxiety
  17. Sharpens memory
  18. Help to control additions
  19. Boosts productivity
  20. Boosts creative thinking
  21. Improves body image
  22. Gives you confidence
  23. Helps keep you focused in life
  24. Improves eating habits
  25. Increases longevity
  26. Strengthens your bones
  27. Strengthens your heart
  28. Improves posture
  29. Prevents colds
  30. Improves appetite
  31. Improves cholesterol levels
  32. Lowers risks of certain cancers
  33. Lowers high blood pressure
  34. Lowers risk of diabetes
  35. Fights dementia
  36. Eases back pain
  37. Decreases osteoporosis risk
  38. Reduces feelings of depression
  39. Prevents muscle loss
  40. Increases energy and endurance
  41. Increases sports performance
  42. Increases pain resistance
  43. Improves balance & coordination
  44. Improves oxygen supplies to cells
  45. Improves concentration
  46. Helps with self control
  47. Lessens fatigue
  48. Increases sex drive & satisfaction
  49. Makes life more exiting
  50. Improves quality of life

Whether you want to improve just one of the above or all 50, the positives of exercise certainly outweigh any negatives 50-1.

I’ve never felt so amazing, so happy, so contented with life.

I love being fitter, faster, stronger now in my late forties than I was in my twenties.

I’ve never regretted a workout – only the one I didn’t occasionally do.

I’m not food deprived or hungry, I just eat more healthily.

I don’t miss a family party or night out with friends, I balance it out.

Have a fabulous day 🙂

Julie x


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I’m on holiday and not working, but sitting by the pool today I read a really good book, Flawed by Cecelia Ahern, one of my favourite authors.

In the closing acknowledgements she says if there is one message I hope this book portrays, it’s this; none of us are perfect.

Let’s not pretend we are.

Let’s us not be afraid that we are not.

Let us not label others and pretend we are not the same.

Let us all know that to be human is to be flawed.

Now whilst Cecelia is not referring to how we  look, as I people watched round the pool all afternoon, I see ladies from many different European countries, of all ages, all different shapes and sizes, some mums, some grandparents, some in tiny bikinis, some in full swimsuits, some overly conscious, some not with a care…

But it did make me think, what is perfect?

Why is size 10 perfect? Or even size 8 or 6?

Why do we aspire to look like the images portrayed in magazines or on TV? That perfect size or perfect shape?

Looking around, it’s certainly not average, the opposite in fact.

What we need to learn ladies is to love ourselves for who and what we are. And the only aspiration we should have is to be better today than we was yesterday, better this week than last week.

To be fitter, faster, stronger.

Perfection is not paramount.

I’m happy to be flawed!

Just be you 🙂

Julie x

It’s About Balance!

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Thinking of a subject was hard this week, its Christmas and then its New Year, time for families, friends and celebrations.

We have two types of ladies, those who have worked hard all year but will not see in the last two weeks of the year, and those that have been in excitedly this morning confirming that they are cramming in as many sessions as they can between now and Christmas!

Is there a right or wrong?

I did the Christmas party on Saturday.

I chose the healthier options of soup for starter and fish for main, but then I had cheesecake for pudding – it was amazing!

I drank prosecco all evening but also drank two glasses of water for every prosecco.

I danced the night away until the early hours – must have burnt a few calories.

I slept in till late and started my day with a hearty cooked breakfast and drank lots more water.

However, no hangover just a thick head and sore feet!

Then took my niece ice skating on Sunday afternoon – such fun!

And back to training again this morning.

So it’s about balance, not ruining all your hard work over the last few months by making December an excuse to not exercise and eat crap for the whole month. But also having room to celebrate and enjoy time with friends and family.

Have a fantastic Christmas and New Year 🙂 And I look forward to writing for you again next year.  If there is any subject which you would like me to research and write about, get in touch!


Kitchen Rules I Live By!

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I was talking with a few of our Ladies this morning after the session and the conversation was around ‘losing it and keeping it off’ – weight that is.

I’ve been on the weight loss journey, 3 stone in 12 months and have now maintained this for 8 months, whilst still working to continue reducing my body fat %, so I thought I would share a few of my kitchen rules which helped me both lose weight and continue to help me maintain the new better me.

Get your mind-set right – forget the word ‘diet’ and focus on healthy eating. The kitchen is the heart of the home, but it’s also the place that can make or break you on the weight-loss front.

Make fruit and veg as accessible as a bag of crisps: Wash, cut up, and store in reusable containers in the fridge so they’re easy to grab. Make sure they’re right up front at eye level so they’re the first thing you see when you open the fridge door.

Prepare a big container of salad: Having a salad before dinner is a great way to fill you up so you eat less of the main course, but preparing a salad every night takes so much time that it’s tempting to skip out. Ensure you get a bowl of greens every night by making an enormous bowl of salad at the beginning of the week.

Have measuring jugs, spoons and a set of digital food scales on the counter: Measuring and weighing your food will keep portions in check, since overestimating serving sizes is a huge reason people don’t lose weight. Seeing those scales on your kitchen counter will be a visual reminder not to forget to use them.

Pre-make snack packs: You know what happens when you eat crisps, nuts or crackers out of the box/bag – you end up polishing off the entire packet! Take your favourite healthy snacks and make some 100-calorie or 150-calorie snack packs you can keep in your cupboard or in a box in your fridge.

Freeze fruit and veg: Buy larger bags of fruit and veg and wash, cut, and store them in bags in the freezer. You’ll not only save money when you buy in bulk, but you’ll also have them on hand to add to your smoothies, yoghurt, soups, and omelettes.

Freeze smoothie bags: If you’re in a rush in the morning, prep these fruit and veg smoothie bags and keep them in the freezer. Just empty the contents in the blender, add the extras labelled on the bag, and you’ll have a low-calorie, fibre and protein packed breakfast that’ll keep you full all morning long.

Ditch the unhealthy foods: Your family might be fans of an occasional can of pop, bowl of ice cream, or chocolate bar, but if those foods are within your reach, you’re bound to crave them. Throw out or give away the junk, because if it’s not in your kitchen, you can’t be tempted to eat it.

Plan your meals and order your shopping online so you not tempted by the 2 for 1 offers in every aisle. You’ll be amazed how much your shopping bill comes down by too!

Use smaller-sized plates: When we prepare a plate of food, we feel the need to fill it up completely. If you start out with a smaller-sized salad plate, there’s only so much you can pile on, so you’ll end up consuming fewer calories.

Double or even triple the recipe: Whether you’re making soup, roasted vegetables, homemade veggie burgers, chilli, curry or something else for dinner, don’t just make enough for one meal. Package the leftovers in containers you can easily grab for the next few days’ meals. If your lunch or dinner is already prepared, you won’t have to resort to unhealthy takeaway.

Put food away before you sit down to eat: After you’ve cooked up an amazing healthy dinner, serve yourself an appropriate serving size and then wrap it up and put leftovers in the fridge. If you leave it out, you’re more likely to go back for unnecessary seconds or thirds. Out of sight means off your hips.

Have a great day 🙂


Rev Your Metabolism!

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You probably don’t need scientists to tell you that your metabolism slows with age. But they’re studying it anyway and coming up with exciting research to help rev it up again. The average woman gains 1½ pounds a year during her adult life, enough to pack on 40-plus pounds by her 50s, if she doesn’t combat the roller coaster of hormones, muscle loss, and stress that conspires to slow her fat-burning engine. But midlife weight gain isn’t inevitable: By eating metabolism boosting foods and following the path, you’ll sleep better, have more energy, feel firmer, and notice your clothes are looser:

You need to cut calories to lose weight. But going too low delivers a double whammy to your metabolism. When you eat less than you need for basic biological function (about 1,200 calories for most women), your body throws the brakes on your metabolism. It also begins to break down precious, calorie-burning muscle tissue for energy. Eat just enough so you’re not hungry. A healthy 150cal snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon between three meals (about 430 calories each) will keep your metabolism humming.

Eating breakfast jump-starts metabolism and keeps energy high all day. It’s no accident that women who skip this meal are 4 1/2 times as likely to be obese. If nothing else, grab a yogurt. Or try oatmeal made with fat-free milk and topped with nuts for an essential protein boost.

Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant, so your daily java jolts can rev your metabolism 5 to 8%—about 98 to 174 calories a day. A cup of brewed tea can raise your metabolism by 12%, according to one Japanese study. Researchers believe the antioxidant catechins in tea provide the boost.

Research shows that some fibre can rev your fat burn by as much as 30%. Studies find that women who eat the most fibre in foods gain the least weight over time. Aim for about 25 g a day with vegetables being an excellent source.

Drinking 2ltrs of cold water a day can raise resting metabolism by about 50 calories daily—enough to shed 5 pounds in a year. The increase may come from the work it takes to heat the water to body temperature.

Dieters with the most organochlorines (pollutants from pesticides, which are stored in fat cells) experience a greater than normal dip in metabolism as they lose weight, perhaps because the toxins interfere with the energy-burning process. Pesticides can trigger weight gain. Always choose organic where possible when buying.

Your body needs protein to maintain lean muscle. Add a serving, like 3 ounces of lean meat, 2 tablespoons of nuts, or 8 ounces of low-fat yogurt, to every meal and snack. Research shows protein can up post-meal calorie burn by as much as 35%.

It’s essential for carrying the oxygen your muscles need to burn fat. Until menopause, women lose iron each month through menstruation. Unless you restock your stores, you run the risk of low energy and a sagging metabolism. Shellfish, lean meats, beans, fortified cereals, and spinach are excellent sources.

This vitamin is essential for preserving metabolism-revving muscle tissue. Get 90% of your recommended daily value in a 3.5-ounce serving of salmon. Other good sources: tuna, prawns, tofu and eggs.

When you have a drink, you burn less fat, and more slowly than usual, because the alcohol is used as fuel instead. Knocking back the equivalent of about two martinis can reduce your body’s fat-burning ability by up to 73%.

There’s some evidence that calcium deficiency, which is common in many women, may slow metabolism. Research shows that consuming calcium through dairy foods such as fat-free milk and low-fat yogurt may also reduce fat absorption from other foods.

Have a great day 


The Mood Boosting Benefits of Exercise!

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Its 5.45am on a cold wet Monday morning. I see Ladies walking into sessions looking tired and sometimes down about things that have happened either at home or at work, but I know that when each and every one of them leaves an hour later, I get a pink, sweaty, smiley face saying thanks and goodbye!

It has long been known that regular exercise is good for our physical health. It can reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke.

But in recent years, studies have shown that regular physical activity also has benefits for our mental health. Exercise can help people with depression and can even ward off the onset of depression in the first place.

You’ve probably heard about endorphins, chemicals that release a positive feeling in your body when you exercise. That euphoric post-workout feeling is those endorphins coursing through your body, working just like a drug.

Whatever a person’s current physical or mental state, exercise delivers a raft of positive effects. It’s not a cure-all that can eradicate serious health issues, but the benefits it can deliver are nevertheless impressive.

Regular exercise has been proven to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Ward off anxiety
  • Alleviate depression
  • Boost self-esteem
  • Improve sleep
  • Strengthen your heart
  • Increase energy levels
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve muscle tone and strength
  • Strengthen and build bones
  • Reduce body fat


Don’t just take my word for it, get a shot of adrenaline and exercise yourself happy!

Have a great day 🙂


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