My Experiences of A Commercial Gym

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Now I have been a member of a commercial gym for a while now, and you may wonder why if I work at a fitness facility. Well, the reason why I became a member of this commercial gym was because I knew that in regards to the equipment I wanted to use in my workouts, where I worked couldn’t quite match up. Therefore I signed up to gym with a view to start being more inventive, intense and interested in my workouts.

And you know what, it has worked.

I have much greater freedom with my workouts in what exercises I can do and how differently I can target certain muscle groups compared to before when all I had at my disposal were barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells. Essentially, the gym has been what I wanted and needed it for, but I have also picked up on other things in the meantime of which drives me ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!!!

Let’s see if these are the same ones that annoy you.

  1. Just a Tick box or social meeting.

When I go to the gym I have one purpose. I am there to work as hard as I can for one hour on specific body parts I am looking to workout on that day. This means I go in there with a plan, I execute the plan (i.e. hit every set and rep with purpose, time my rest periods, avoid distractions), then I leave. Simple.

Now this might seem a bit like I am a bit of an arsehole, especially if someone wants to chat to me in the gym. You might be right, and I may be a bit too far one way. But I would rather this and get a REAL workout in than going in there exercising half the time (with minimal effort or attention to your workout) and chatting or checking my facebook half the time. WHAT IS THE POINT!!!

How can I complain about not seeing results if I am half-arseing the gym every time I step in. So every time you step on the gym floor, make sure you give it your full effort and attention and leave with nothing left at the end. Do this, and I am sure you will start seeing some positive results.

  1. Slamming of Weights

Now,  when I mean slamming weights on the floor, I don’t mean dropping a really heavy deadlift on your final rep. I mean things like letting go of the handles on the cable machine and letting them clatter together, or maybe dropping dumbbells on the floor after a set of shoulder press. This stuff really does get to me when I hear or see it. Thankfully it is not too often, but when it happens….AAAHHHHHH!!!!


Does slamming them down make you stronger on the next set?

Is there some secret performance enhancement that comes with slamming weights on the floor?

If so, then please tell me about it.

If not, then please give it a break.

  1. Sterile Atmosphere

Luckily, I am pretty good at motivating myself to work as hard as I can when I work out. But I know so many people who find it really hard to push themselves without motivation from someone else.

Now this is what is severely lacking a commercial gym. There are plenty of fake hellos and goodbyes, but there is a lack of any real support.  For those who sign up to a gym, I can imagine are often beginners and are unsure of what to do, how things work and where to start. So surely this is the one time where those who enter a gym need the most help?

But I guess this may be what you sign up for with a gym, lots of cool equipment but no support or real help with how to start, where to begin your workouts or how to achieve your goals. Plus, there is rarely much help in regards to exercise technique, exercise intensity or how to even progress or regress if need be with any particular exercise.

So, for some (more intermediate/advanced trainers), the gym is great and offers an opportunity and avenue to start tackling health and fitness goals. But, anyone (especially beginners) starting out on a fat loss journey, then it seems the gym would be the worst place to start. A better place would be to start by hiring a coach who can give you the information, tools and platform to properly begin to make a change and progress with your health and fitness

Want to LOSE FAT for Summer? Here is EXACTLY what to do

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Pay attention ladies!!

We are only 12 weeks away from the official start of summer. This means we need to start doubling down our efforts and finally get ourselves into the beach body we want for the summer holidays.

Good news though, we have plenty of time if we start now to get the body you want. Here are our top nine tips on how to do just that.

  1. Exercise the BIG Movements

If you are looking for ultimate fat loss, then we need to start exercising the most ‘Bang for your Buck’ exercises which work the biggest muscles in the body. This means lots of squats, presses and pulls. These exercises involve much more muscle and burns a lot more calories when you do them compared to things like bicep curls. This means you will be burning more calories during your exercise, but you will also be enhancing your metabolism by preserving a large amount of your muscle tissue.

  1. Try out intervals

In an effort to spark some form of weight/fat loss, many people turn towards long distance running. This is mainly because it is very to start doing compared to other forms of exercise. However, this type of running is very time consuming, not very effective and can easily become boring. As an alternative, try doing shorter, intense bursts of 30-60 second of exercise followed by rest. This style of training is much more time effective and it will also enhance your fat burning because it gives you a large after-burn effect so that your body burns calories at an accelerated rate during the 24-48 hours post workout recovery period.

  1. Get your Shuteye

You may not realise it, but sleep can very often be linked to the reason why some have such a large body fat percentage. This is because if you deprive yourself of decent sleep then your cortisol levels will rise up. Increased cortisol levels increases your appetite and can trigger cravings for high-fat, high-sugar foods. To make sure you get some good sleep then, you need to make sure your room is completely dark and quiet with a cool temperature. This will give you a better chance of getting a really good sleep.

  1. Higher in Protein, and Lower in Carbs

Protein is super important when it comes to creating an awesome physique because it reduces hunger, makes you feel fuller for longer and preserves your muscle whilst you are eating in a calorie deficit to lose fat. Also it is important to limit the amount of unhealthy carbs you consume, as these can mess with your hormones and lead to over-eating. So ditch the cake, biscuits, crisps, bread, pasta, sweets, chocolate and keep to your healthy carbs like sweet potato, brown rice, quinoa, white potato, pumpkin and chickpeas.

  1. Veggies at EVERY MEAL

When it comes to fat loss, vegies are massively important. Firstly, veggies are not very high in calories (34 calories in 100g Broccoli) and so you are able to eat a large amount of them without eating that many calories. This will help to keep you full and not starving whilst in a calorie deficit. Secondly, they will give you lots of fibre, vitamins and minerals that will get your body thriving and feeling good with consistent energy levels. So plan to get you leafy greens, cruciferous veggies, peppers, cucumbers, berries, etc to ensure you get some really good quality nutrition in you.

  1. NO Meal Skipping

Another common tactic used to lose weight/fat is to skip meals. The theory is simple, eat one less meal and I will eat less calories. Resulting in fat loss right?

Technically yes, but this tactic often backfires. Because those who often try and skip complete meals will suffer much greater cravings and desires to binge, of which will set everything you are working for back again.

  1. No Low Calorie Diets

Similarly to skipping meals, another futile tactic used is to go super low with calorie intake. This never really works (not in the long run anyway) because the body follows suit and down regulates its metabolism and starts to send messages to the brain to limit physical activity. This means you start to feel lazy, tired and hungry very quickly.

  1. Do the little things

Doing the little things will take you a long way towards your awesome physique. Building up some good, healthy habits is always helpful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and body. Three habits that I highly recommend you start are being mindful of portion sizes, writing a food diary and chewing each bite at least 10 times. Doing this will be much better for you and your body than skipping meals or dropping calories super low.

  1. Be the boss of your choices

When it comes to fat loss, and quickly, is that some can become impatient, lose focus and give up. As a result, it is common for some to start blaming others or their situation for the lack of results they have seen. But if you want to build habits that are going to mean something and really stick, then you have to take make the decision and take responsibility for them. This eliminates guilt with the decisions you make about food because you have made the conscious decision to eat certain things and makes you entirely responsible for your own actions.

The Easy Way To Burn Calories & Tone Up

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One question I get asked or I see getting asked quite a lot is “what is the best exercise for fat loss?” My answer is that there is not one best exercise but there is definitely a best body part for fat loss. That body part is legs.

The dreaded leg day.

Lots of people DO NOT enjoy a leg session, especially when there are lots of squats and reps to do. But honestly, I absolutely love a legs session.

Not necessarily whilst I am doing it, but once I have finished a legs session I feel bloody amazing and like I have worked out really hard. It just never quite the same if I train upper body or my core.

As well as making me feel amazing, there are many more benefits to training legs when it comes to fat loss.

  1. Training legs burns more calories.

This is what we all want to hear right. How do we burn the most calories possible? Train legs.

Our legs are the hold some of the biggest muscles in the body, like our quadriceps (thighs), hamstrings (back of the legs, and the biggest of them all our glutes (bum). So when we work these muscles we can use heavier weights and burn lots more calories per repetition compared to when we work other muscles, smaller muscles.

Hence the reason you may sweat a lot more following a leg session full of squats, lunges, split squats, bridge raises and other exercises where the legs are used intensely.

  1. Strong Legs = More Calories Burnt at Rest

The energy and intensity it requires to properly train legs results in a massive ramp up of your metabolism, which means once your session is done you will continue to burn even more calories at rest. BONUS!!

By preserving the quality lean muscle around your legs and bum means you will use more energy (calories) just for that muscle to be there in all its awesome glory. Now don’t panic ladies, I am not saying you need to turn into quadzilla to become a calorie-burning machine, just a little extra lean muscle on the lower body will boost metabolism and ensure you look smoking hot in a pair of leggings. Essentially more muscle means you can eat more too, so what are you waiting for, get squatting.

Final Tip:


Why Does Weight Loss Slow Down?

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We have all had it before, initially when you begin trying to lose weight the or where you have just decided to take nutrition a little more seriously and consider exercising, you may find a progress a little slow.

This is all a very new approach and probably still unsure of what you should be doing, and so the initial weight loss is small.
But after a little while you ‘get good at this’ and start to see fat loss happening REALLY rapidly. At this point you might be losing 1, 2 or even more pounds per week and endless other changes in your body and energy levels
This kind of progress is REALLY motivating, and helps you feel amazing.

Unfortunately, though, every pound you lose is a little harder than the last. The less fat you have, the less happy your body is about losing it, and this means that things slow down.

2lbs per week becomes 2lbs per month and you might not feel that you are making progress as well as before.

But Why Does My Weight Loss Slow Down?

It’s an absolute certainty that fat loss will slow down after the initial ‘honeymoon period’.

The reason for this is because as we lose weight our metabolism and requirement for the same amount of calories reduces. This means that the less you weigh the less calories you need to maintain or lose weight.

The reason this happens is because as we lose weight we are losing metabolically active tissue (fat and possibly some muscle) which means we are burning less calories at rest compared to when you were heavier. Also, because we may have lost some weight, we may be carrying around a lot less weight when we are moving about. As a result, we then are also burning less calories even when we are moving around because we are moving less mass and therefore require less energy to do so.

Overall, as we lose weight we burn less calories and so require less calories to keep ourselves going and maintaining weight. So if you want to continue losing weight it is a case of having to further adjust the nutrition side of things.

How Do We Overcome This Plateau?
Adjust Nutrition

As mentioned above, to continue losing weight you must begin to adjust your nutrition. In particular, you must continually bring down the amount of calories you eat as you lose weight.

However, be careful not to do this too quickly as you will start to see energy levels, performance and other things start to deteriorate. So make your nutrition changes very gradual reductions in calories.

A good way to do this is to start to replace some of the higher calorie carb options for lower calorie carb options. This will help to bring the calories down without sacrificing the volume of food you eat. For example, potatoes, are a very low calorie density food.

100g of potato provides around 20g of carbs, that’s roughly 80kcals.

Compare this to rice that provides 75g of carbs for the same 100g serving, that’s a whopping 300kcals, or 220kcals more than the potato.

So rice is a higher calorie dense carb, compared to potatoes, so if you are trying to lose weight and reduce calories, it may be worth choosing lower density carb foods like potatoes.

This allows you to eat more volumes of food, thus keeping you fuller for longer, without consuming higher amounts of calories.


Increase Exercise Intensity

As you progress, you want to also maintain good progression with your fitness. This will help you to keep a focus on something other than weight, but also help with your weight loss.

The more you can do or the harder you can work each time you exercise, the more calories you will be able to burn and the stronger your muscles will become. This is important if you also want to keep your weight loss progress continuing as it will mean you burn more calories per session, but also it will enable you to maintain a portion of your resting metabolic rate because your stronger muscles require more energy.

So ways you can start to increase the intensity of your workouts may be:

  • Lift heavier weights
  • Aim for more reps
  • Take less rest between sets


Focus On Other Measures

There are many other measures for you to focus on besides the scales. For example, clothes sizes are a really good thing to look at because they actually help translate how your results show in real life. It is no good being the weight you want to be on the scales if your jeans are still too small.

Furthermore, find things to motivate you outside of your results – how you feel day to day, your energy, your improved sleep quality, a group of likeminded people around you, improving fitness levels.

If your only motivator is seeing the scales drop rapidly, then maths dictates that you’re going to struggle eventually.

Focus on the process and enjoy what you do.

You got this.

Top Tips on How To Reduce DOMS

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I am sure many of you have been there when you have done a killer session, and the next day you are in agony. It hurts to move any muscle, but just to top it off, it is even worse the next day.

So how can we start to take steps that will help reduce this pain, well here are my top tips for you.

1. Pre-workout Foam Roller

Doing a bit of foam rolling on the body part you are looking to workout, will really help to loosen the muscle and get the blood moving around it before you even begin exercising it. This will help prevent your muscle from suffering so much damage and soreness the next day, as it will be much more prepared for the stresses and strains you are about to put it through. Foam rollers can easily be found online or similarly in local sports shops.

2. Post-workout Massage

Now we all love a massage. But getting a massage post-workout will again really help loosen the muscles and prevent the muscle from being so tight the next day. If you can’t get yourself into a professional masseuse, this will be your chance to recruit the other half or failing that the foam roller will also do a job for you and your tired muscles.

3. Local Magnesium Spray

Now if you are a serious trainer, then this might be one thing that might really help you out. A local magnesium spray to the muscles you have just worked will provide the muscles with a supply of magnesium and zinc, to support optimal energy production and thus help exercise recovery and performance. Some also have added arginine and niacin to aid blood flow to the surface of the skin, resulting in a faster recovery process after training.

4. Active Recovery Sessions

If you are really feeling the pain in your muscles, then on a non-training day it would be useful just to keep them moving and keep the blood flowing around that area. This might mean a small walk or cycle following your leg day to help loosen them a bit and aid in that recovery process. Similarly, a light swim or some yoga can be really helpful as well, particularly for any creaky joints.

5. Eat Antioxidant Rich Foods

Foods that are rich in antioxidants have anti-inflammatory qualities. Since our workouts cause inflammation of the muscles, then trying to reduce that will really help with reducing DOMS. So for example, eating things like:

  • blueberries
  • cherries
  • cranberries
  • blackberries


These foods will really help you to reduce your soreness the next day.

6. Get Some Sleep!!

This one is a no brainer. It is imperative if you want to recover properly from each workout that you get some good shut-eye. Plus, we all know how much better we feel after a good nights sleep.

The Best Form of Exercise for Weight Loss

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biker-1349460weight-1424807I saw an interesting article the other day that headlined “What is the best exercise for losing weight?” The article looked a little bit at different types of exercise (i.e. weights vs cardio) and which had the greatest benefits, etc. But one point that I think that it did raise really well is that it doesn’t matter too much what exercise you do, as long as you can do it consistently.

For example, let’s take cardio exercise (e.g. running, cycling, swimming, etc). It may be a very good form of burning lots of energy during each session and you can do it anywhere. like running on a treadmill to hiking up a mountain. But if you find it very slow and boring (like me), then why put yourself through it again and again. Find something else you would enjoy more and makes you feel energised.

This may be more resistance training based exercise?

Resistance exercise can be very beneficial when it comes to increasing your metabolism by building up and strengthening your muscles. This means you will burn more calories at rest than you would normally do beforehand. Furthermore, you become subject to what is called the afterburn effect, which is where your metabolism is significantly boosted for an extended period of 48 hours after your workout.

However, even with all of these benefits, if you don’t enjoy only this form of exercise but enjoy a bit of both with HIIT training, then go with that.

High intensity intermittent exercise (HIIT) is pretty much a mix of both steady state cardio training and resistance training all in one workout. The aim of this type of training is to combine the best of both forms of training. Firstly, trying to torch a load of calories like you can do with cardio training, but also build muscle and improve metabolism by helping you burn lots of calories at rest, which will help keep weight off in the long term. All of which can be done with various bits of kit (battle ropes, hills, treadmills) and in a huge variety of formats.

But despite all this you need to find the best form of exercise for YOUR weight loss. This is the one that you feel you will enjoy and can do consistently for a long time in conjunction with healthy eating habits. All of which builds into a really healthy lifestyle of good consistent exercise and healthy nutrition.

So stop searching for the ultimate workouts and the best exercise for weight loss, just get back to basics and move more by doing what you enjoy, whether that be exercise, sport, hiking, anything you can keep consistent is really going to help you progress towards your goals and maintain that progress in the long term.

Cardio v Weights For Fat Loss?

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Cardio vs Weights – Best For Fat Loss?
This debate isn’t going away. 
It’s been around for years. 
Don’t be fooled by trying to measure the success of each purely by what your heart
rate monitor says regarding calories used. 
Study after study comes out proving that one is better than the
The truth is that both are effective on their own. 
But when you combine them together they become much more than 
the sum of their parts. 
I used to run a lot. 
I used to do a lot of half marathons and during the training programme
I would always lose a bit of weight. 
Clocking up loads of miles every week, it was hard not to. 
I wouldn’t say that I looked that much healthier or better for it. 
Most women that come and see us want to lose weight and 
get that ‘toned’ look. 
Less flabby arms and more athletic looking arms. 
Less wobbly bits around the tummy and a firmer, more uplifted butt.  
In order to achieve the above result you have to lift weights. ……and 
not just girlie ‘light’ weights. 
You’ve gota go heavy. 
As heavy as you can go every time. 
Feel that burn and push through it. 
Feel that aching muscular pain the next day and embrace it. 
Then go again. 
When you combine lifting heavy weights with high intensity cardio
that’s when the magic starts to happen. 
Heart rate at a peak level and body lifting all the weights it can manage. 
That’s when you’re using both aerobic (need oxygen) and anaerobic (without 
oxygen) systems are being used. 
The beauty of this type of training as well?


What’s EPOC then?
It stands for Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption
which is also known as The AfterBurn Effect
….when your body continues to torch calories while you’re
in bed fast asleep. It does this for up to 48 hours after your workout. 
(you don’t get that from steady cardio either)
Yep, so after weight training sessions you can lie in bed, drift off to 
sleep knowing that inside your body
there’s a load of calorie torching going on!
But what about bulking?
It won’t happen. 
(caveat just here: it will happen if you choose to take testosterone boosting supplements……lot’s of them)
Does this mean that we are against everything else?
Yoga, pilates, zumba, dance, running, swimming – it’s all good. 
In actual fact it’s very complimentary to following a high intensity 
weight bearing type programme. 
Just that if you wish to specifically ditch fat and get that ‘toned’ look
you need to be lifting some kind of weight 3 times per week. 


You could have the strongest abs and the most toned looking arms
in the world, but they will be covered with layers of fat if you don’t get 
your nutrition right. 
No one will ever see those amazing arms if you’re drinking wine every night. 
Those abs are staying hidden if you’re eating sandwiches every day. 
Quite simply:
– Portion of protein with every meal (including breakfast)
– Tons of veg every single day (go for 4-5 portions)
– 2 litres of water every day
– Cut out wheat
– Cut down on added sugar
The conclusion then?
Use both.

5 AWESOME Things I’ve Learnt Training Women

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fitter ladies

Over the past 2 years (my current career length in fitness training) I’ve trained what is probably nearing 250-300 different women now. Through classes that have contained upwards of 10 people and also some 1-2-1 sessions, it’s a number that only continues to rise.

Over this period I think I’ve got to know the different things women tend to try when it comes to diet and exercise pretty well, and I’ve also got to realise some amazing things that seem to run true when working with most women!

My reason for writing this blog post is not to just give a shout-out to all the girls I’ve trained, but to hopefully show some of the amazing things that can happen when you ladies start doing the correct things.

At Fitterbody Ladies we are looking to create a health and fitness bubble, where the majority of our followers are starting to become very knowledgeable and clued up on what they should be doing. However, it is sometimes easy to assume the rest of the world knows these kinds of things as well.

Here’s the thing though – I’d estimate 95% of females still think weights will make them bulky, and having the occasional protein shake will turn them into the next Mrs Olympia. This means that if I can help educate some of these ladies on the amazing benefits good resistance exercise and eating properly offers, writing blogs like this is one of the best ways to get things like that out there.

With that all said, here is 5 great things I’ve learnt about training females:


  1. They react insanely positively to simple lifestyle changes

Apply 2-3 good training sessions per week that work the muscles hard and force you out of your comfort zone, get them eating adequate protein with a good amount of fruits and veggies and bam, you have yourself an awesome combination for a successful body transformation!

It’s amazing what adding some regular exercise and better food choices can do for a girl’s mood, sleep patterns, energy levels, libido, productivity and overall happiness.

There is no need for anything complicated. Just stick to the basics as we know these work incredibly well if they are followed consistently.


  1. Shoulders + Glutes + Metabolic Stress = Smiles all round

When you give a man an arm finisher there tends to be testosterone flying all over the place (until they lose the pump 30mins later…), this is basically exactly the same when you give a woman some high rep glute and shoulder work!

Try this little 4 exercise circuit to get your shoulder & glute pump on:


weighted hip thrusts 50reps

seated dumbbell overhead presses 30 reps

band monster walks 20 steps in each direction

lateral raises 30 reps

Repeat that ^ 2 times round with minimal rest and tell me you aren’t smiling…


  1. They can get a hell of a lot stronger than they thing they can

If I had a pound for every time I’ve heard the words:

“I’ll never manage that weight”

I’d genuinely be a millionaire.

Women, more than men, seem to doubt how much strength they have, men seem to be the other way around oddly…

The thing is when they realise what they are actually capable of; it can be frightening (in a good way of course!) to see the progression they start making.


  1. They have a higher work capacity than males

This has been spoken about quite regularly before in loads of other blogs, but something I know I’ve noticed, as have a lot of coaches I’ve spoken too, is how much more work a female can take per session.

They seem to recover much faster from a set that should be more strenuous, and this means there is more potential to add in more sets and reps.


If you are a female and find yourself recovering quickly, try adding in more reps or a couple more sets so you can get more out of your training – you’ll probably be more than capable of handling it!


  1. They are great fun to train

I genuinely love training girls because of how much progress they can make, and how much myth busting I regularly get to do. The best bit is essentially all of it makes their lives more enjoyable as well!


To wrap up

I hate how much rubbish information there is shown to women out there, and it really is something I’d love to help counter-act through blog posts like this.

It doesn’t have to be all low calorie, zero fat, no wine and run 10miles every night while fitting in an hour of the gym per day; just so you can some lose weight, and then regain it back on when what you are doing becomes unsustainable.

I’d love to say it was incredibly simple, but it’s not. Very few things that are worth doing are ‘simple’ but what I can finish this off with saying is that it is probably easier than you might think, and it doesn’t have to spell the end of your social life and enjoyment of wine/ insert alcoholic beverage of choice here!

The Ultimate Guide To Fitness Jargon

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For many, they hear and see these words in the gym or on the internet, but have pretty much no clue of what they mean or stand for. This can make the gym an even more intimidating place along with the cold stares and evil looking machines.

But there is no need to panic. This guide is here to help you navigate your way through gym conversation and avoid confusion when it comes to reading articles on the internet.

  • Cutting

Cutting is the process of losing excess body fat whilst also maintaining as much lean tissue as possible.

  • Lean

Being lean is being in the position of holding low levels of body fat. Furthermore ‘lean’ meats are meat products that have very low fat content (e.g. chicken, turkey, tuna, etc).

  • Hypertrophy

Hypertrophy is the process of building muscle size through training and nutrition.

  • DOMS

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is essentially the aches and pains you feel in your muscles  1 or 2 days after a workout.

  • Compound Exercises

Compound exercises are exercises that require than one muscle group to be working in order for the movement to be completed. For example a press-up requires the chest, tricep and shoulders to be working in order for the movement to be completed.

  • Isolation

Isolation exercise are exercises that require only one muscle group to be working in order for the movement to be completed. For example, calf raises only require the calf muscle to be working in order for the movement to be completed.

  • Eccentric

Eccentric means the negative/downward motion of the movement. For example, the eccentric portion of the bicep curl is the part where you lower the dumbbell/barbell back to the beginning.

  • Concentric

Concentric means the positive/upward portion of a movement. For example, the concentric portion of a bicep curl is the part where you contract the bicep to raise the dumbbell/barbell to the highest part of the movement.

  • Progressive Overload

Progressive overload is defined as the progressive increase of stress upon the body during exercise training. This means that you are progressing and increasing the stress placed upon the body, resulting in greater adaptations of the body and improvements in strength, endurance and also physique. Progressive overload can come from a range of factors from increasing resistance, increasing speed of movement, increasing the time under tension, reducing rest periods, etc. All of which can result in improvements and progression when it comes to health and fitness.

  • BMR

BMR stands for Basal Metabolic Rate. Therefore, your BMR is essentially the amount of calories that you burn at rest. This can vary from person to person due to different factors such as amount of lean tissue, thyroid activity, lifestyle (sedentary or active), etc. Those with a higher Basal Metabolic Rate will be burning more calories at rest compared to those who have a lower BMR, thus giving them a much better ability to maintain their weight and also lose weight once they begin dieting. However, BMR can be altered and increased with consistent exercise and good nutritional habits, especially an increase in protein intake.

  • Lean Tissue

Lean tissue is essentially the amount of muscle you may have, but also lean tissue is comprised of ligaments, tendons, bones and organs. The rest will be predominantly fat mass.

  • Core

Your core is broadly the musculature within your torso. The major muscles of the core reside in the area of the belly and the mid and lower back (not the shoulders), and peripherally include the hips, the shoulders and the neck.

Major muscles included are the pelvic floor muscles, transversus abdominis, multifidus, internal and external obliques, rectus abdominis, erector spinae (sacrospinalis) especially the longissimus thoracis, and the diaphragm. Minor core muscles include the latissimus dorsi, gluteus maximus, and trapezius.

The core is traditionally assumed to originate most full-body functional movement, including most sports. In addition, the core determines to a large part a person’s posture. In all, the human anatomy is built to take force upon the bones and direct autonomic force, through various joints, in the desired direction. The core muscles align the spine, ribs, and pelvis of a person to resist a specific force, whether static or dynamic.



How To Get Shredded: Cardio Vs Weights

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Cardio vs Weights. The never-ending debate of which is best for getting you in shape and slimmed down rages on. However, we are here to finally put this all to bed.

For Fat Burning



Let’s face it cardio is the ultimate champion when it comes to calorie-burning. The idea of doing as much work as possible in the short time you have, then cardio is your thing. Whether it be steady state cardio (better for high weight loss goals), or HIIT which retains the muscle while stimulating the fat burning enzymes, you can get a serious calorie burn.


Don’t rule out the weights just yet, however. Lifting weights gives you that awesome after-burn effect, in which your metabolism (the amount of calories you burn at rest) a spike for at least an hour after your workout as your body repairs the muscles. By doing this and building some lean tissue, then you are going to have a much greater metabolism with greater capability to keep the fat off.


For Appetite Suppression



I am sure you have felt that after a run many a time. However, it has been shown that after only 15 minutes of a HIIT session appetite can be dramatically suppressed. This is because the blood is being pumped to so many different body parts to fuel your exercise, that it has no time to get to the gut and so puts the brakes on your appetite. Nice.


Strength training is awesome for short term appetite suppression. Appetite can be significantly suppressed for about an hour after a strength workout. However, this is where it ends because afterwards the body starts to crave the energy it needs to repair and rebuild. This unfortunately can hit women the hardest because they’re wired to keep weight up for pregnancy and lactation.


For Body Re-Shaping



It is well recognised that the combination of good nutrition mixed with regular exercise, whether it be cardio or weights, results in dramatic weight loss. However, with cardio alone the majority of that weight can come from muscle as well as fat. This means you will get smaller but your strength, fitness and tone is going to be very poor by the end, due to the heavy loss in muscle.


With weight training you will be able to properly stimulate, strengthen and define your muscles. This will help to emphasize the natural curves of your body and burn only fat. This will getting you looking super-toned but also feeling like a super strong queen in the gym if you keep progressing with your weights.


The Winner?


Dead Heat

To get the really best results, a combination of cardio and weights is a must to get the best ofboth e worlds when it comes to getting a killer physique