Just Loving Life – 36.7lbs and Counting 😊

Lisa’s Story So Far …

I joined the 6 week transformation programme in January 16

Feeling rubbish about myself having had 2 babies within 2 years… 😫

I felt fat and unfit… 😫

I did 2 further 6 week programmes between March and August 2016 😜

Then joined as a twice a week member for the next 6 months… 😘

In Feb 2017 I joined on a full membership…. πŸ’™

I steered clear of the Thursday cardio class as felt I wouldn’t be able to manage the sessions …  πŸ˜‚

Now I go most Thursdays! ❀️

Although my weight has fluctuated I’ve now lost a total of 36.7 lbs… 😊


I feel leaner, more confident, fitter and stronger and I’ve made some fab friends… Β πŸ‘

I bloody love Fitterbody Ladies Bootcamp!! Β πŸ’•

Lisa x


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